Two executives are on their way out at Havas Advertising.

Steve Farella, ceo of the group’s Media Planning, is stepping down after two years at the post. He attributed the decision to “a disagreement over the direction of the company,” but declined to elaborate.

Farella is thought to have disagreed with new management at the holding company Media Planning Group USA, whose ceo Antoni Rossich takes direct charge of all Media Planning units.

In addition, Jean-Michel Carlo is leaving Havas following the decision to axe the Diversified Agencies Group, of which he is chief executive. DAG is being broken into three units and merged with other divisions [WAMN: 03-Oct-01]. Carlo was offered other roles within Havas, according to the group’s chairman/ceo Alain de Pouzilhac.

News source: CampaignLive (UK);; (US)