MADRID: Over half of tablet users in Spain are using the device to purchase products online, but most continue to do so through a browser rather than an app, a new study has said.

The report, #InformeTAB, from the Universidad Internacional de la Rioja was based on a survey of 1,109 adults and found that 56% of tablet owners shopped online, almost twice as many as did so generally (31%). And 77% preferred to use a browser as they thought an app would not display all the products available.
Items purchased typically included electronics (40%), travel (35%) and clothing (34%), reported Marketing News.

And this was most often done in the evenings in bed, where 64% of owners utilised the device. Other popular times and locations for using a tablet were evenings on the couch (44%) and mornings at work (30%).

The youngest also used it frequently while in the bathroom (42%), and 18-24 year olds commonly did so in the mornings on the way to work.

The report also highlighted gender differences, with men tending to make concentrated use of tablets to communicate via social networks after work and at home while women used them throughout the day.

And in three out of ten households, children, mainly aged between seven and 12, were also using tablets.

The main uses for tablets were email communication (95%) and social networking (93%), followed by games (81%), information, such as online newspaper reading (80%), weather information (76%) and travel information (71%).

Even though a high proportion of users were reading news only 48% had downloaded related apps. The most downloaded apps for tablets were those related to social networks (66%), games (59%) and facilities such as calculators or translators (58%), although used they appeared to be very little used once downloaded.

In addition, one third of users had downloaded TV applications looking for additional programme information.

Data sourced from Marketing News, Universidad Internacional de la Rioja; additional content by Warc staff