LONDON: Here's a tale to bolster your belief in Leprechauns! Multinational booze behemoth Diageo is promoting Guinness, Ireland's national beverage, to the Irish via a TV commercial developed for the African and Caribbean markets.

The campaign created by Saatchi & Saatchi in London and South Africa tells the tale of how Guinness is produced, in the style of the ancient African tradition of storytelling.

Fade-in what looks like a group of tornado-hunters racing across wheatfields.

Cut to a tornado going through a similar production process to Guinness (roasted by lightning before having water added as it moves across a lake), eventually to be bottled by the hunters. 
Cross-fade to three men in a bar, one of whom is regaling his friends with the story of the tornado, before adding: "Well that's what I heard anyway." 
Diageo's marketing and innovation director for Africa, Matthew Barwell, explains that the growing importance of Guinness' African markets led to the creation of ad campaigns with international potential.

"This is the first time an African ad campaign has been picked up in western Europe. The world is changing fast; as we continue to grow there will be more work shared between global markets.

"The ad plays on the real African tradition of storytelling in a fun way."

He continued, seemingly with an eye on the Leprechaun market: "The TV ad is about the elemental nature of Guinness. It is about the mystery and magic of the product." 

Data sourced from; additional content by WARC staff