The Grocery Manufacturers of America, concerned at the low profile of the food industry's self-regulatory advertising efforts in the face of concerted attacks from within Congress, on Tuesday asked the Council of Better Business Bureaux to accelerate its monitoring and ad oversight processes.

In a presentation to the latter's board of directors, GMA president/ceo C Manley Molpus acknowledged the work of CBBB offshoot, the National Advertising Review Council, at the same time complaining that its profile was lower than an earthworm's underbelly.

In particular he regretted the lack of visibility enjoyed by the NARC's National Advertising Division (which monitors advertising to adults) and its Children's Advertising Review Unit. Moaned Molpus: "These groups aren't getting the credit they deserve." He called their existing self-regulatory efforts "one of the best kept secrets in the country."

The GMA has gotten twitchy at the exponentially vocal lobby within and without Congress, demanding curbs on the advertising of high-fat, high-carb foods, especially to children.

In what appeared to be a self-contradictory statement, Molpus boasted of the "unquestionable success of self-regulation [despite which] activists ... argue that the industry cannot be trusted to communicate responsibly. I can only conclude that they need to learn more about the system we have in place."

He continued: "We think NAD and CARU should synthesize and publish their relevant consultations, decisions, codes and guides dealing with advertising of food and nutrition, especially advertising directed to children."

The CBBB's reaction to Molpus' plea is unknown.

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