LONDON: The UK government's determination to rekindle investment and support for nuclear power has drawn fire from Greenpeace, which accuses the government and its market research agency of 'fixing' public opinion in favour of the controversial policy.

Greenpeace has made a formal complaint to voluntary watchdog, the Market Research Standards Board, about Opinion Leader Research, suggesting the firm "has broken its industry's own code of conduct by designing questions and materials for the public that are deliberately misleading and factually inaccurate".

OLR hotly denies these claims and similar accusations made by a number of British academics who are writing to the government complaining that the consultation process has been "deliberately skewed".

It has already been the subject of a legal challenge when its first incarnation was dubbed "seriously flawed" and "procedurally unfair" by a High Court judge.

Greenpeace hopes further legal action might result in a change of policy by the government.

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