Granada Media, Britain’s largest ITV franchisee, will today announce its interim results, revealing a six per cent fall in advertising revenues to £482 million.

According to insiders, future prospects are no rosier with predictions of an annual a shortfall on last year of between 10% and 12% across the entire ITV network.

As forecast earlier this week [WAMN: 11-Jun-01], there is likely to be even more breast-beating in the short term: June revenues could be as much as 25% down while July promises a decline of 20%. If the seers are right, things will start to improve in August (down 10%) with September revenues matching those of 2000.

Even less palatable is ITV’s slice of the of the total TV revenue cake, predicted by insiders to fall from last year’s 59% to 57% in 2001.

Things are little better at Channel 5 where an adspend shortfall of 3.5% is predicted by the year end. However, the cloud has a silver lining at Channel 4 where a full year increase of one per cent in ad revenue is expected.

News source: The Times (London)