Following last week's greenlighting by British trade and industry secretary Patricia Hewitt of the £4.5 billion ($7.48bn; €6.37bn) merger between Carlton Communications and Granada Media [WAMN: 09-Oct-03], the merged ITV plc has unveiled its boardroom lineup.

Carlton executives are conspicuous by their absence. Five quondam Granada executives rule the roost with a clean sweep at the top, each reporting to chairman Michael Green and chief executive Charles Allen. And it has yet to be spelled out whether Green's appointment will have executive powers.

Simon Shaps is chief executive of the new company's TV production unit, Granada Content; previous joint-managing director of ITV Mick Desmond becomes chief executive of ITV Broadcasting Enterprises; former counterpart Clive Jones takes the ceo role at the ITV News Group; Granada commercial director, Graham Parrot retains that position in the new company, as does Granada finance director Henry Staunton.

There are six non-executive directors, three from each company. The Carlton contingent comprises Boots chairman John McGrath, one-time Disney chief Etienne de Villiers and the former Lloyds TSB chief, executive, Sir Brian Pitman. Granada's trio numbers quondam Sky deputy managing director David Chance; HBOS ceo James Crosby; and erstwhile Camelot chairman, Sir George Russell.

The seeming rout of ex-Carlton senior executives will do little to reassure nervous Carlton staffers that they will not bear the brunt of the expected three hundred redundancies resulting from the merger.

But the fat lady has yet to sing, although few believe she will not trill obediently by November 7 – the date by which trade secretary Hewitt says the happy couple must satisfy the Office of Fair Trading they can comply with the merger conditions which include a rollover agreement for advertisers.

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