The UK’s largest commercial terrestrial TV broadcaster, Granada Media, yesterday revealed that advertising revenues had fallen by an average of 5% across the four months to January. The decline doubled to 10% last month.

Chairman of the newly spun-off media group, Charles Allen, blamed the plunge on above average increases in revenues over the same period twelve months back. He predicted that ad performance would look rosier by Q4 of this financial year, when comparisons would be “more achievable”.

A robust performance in the ratings war failed to halt the ad slide. The ITV network as a whole – of which Granada is the dominant member along with Carlton Communications – achieved a 1.1% increase in peak time viewing to 38.9 per cent in January.

In contrast, the BBC’s share of viewing dropped 3.6 points over the month while other leading broadcasters remained static.

News source: The Times (London)