In the wake of the BSE, E-coli and foot and mouth disease debacles, the government hopes a massive ongoing ad campaign will help to reverse Britain's increasingly shabby reputation for food standards.

COI Communications – the state channel through which the British government appoints and instructs its ad agencies – is preparing an advertising brief on behalf of the official Food Standards Agency. This will be distributed to five COI roster shops to enable them to prepare a strategic pitch.

FSA information officer Nic Fearon was guarded about the campaign: “There is possibly something in the offing in the next few months," he said. "We are discussing the brief. It is going to be for a long-running campaign – definitely one year and possibly up to three."

The FSA was formed only last April in an effort to restore public confidence in the British food industry, placing safety and standards for the first time under the control of a single body – “from farm to fork”, as one spin-doctor put it.

Sir John Krebs, FSA chairman, promised an action plan to cut food poisoning by one fifth in five years, investing in increased licensing, increased training and more inspections.

News Source: CampaignLive (UK)