Following Parliament’s decision to ban all advertising of tobacco products across Great Britain [WAMN: 23-Aug-02], the new law will begin to bite in February when the first of the provisions of the Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Act 2002 take effect.

As of February 1 2003 advertising and promotion on billboards and in newspapers and magazines will become illegal, followed in May with the axing of in-pack promotion schemes and direct marketing contracts. Sponsorship of tobacco products via sporting events will be phased-out across all activities including Formula One motor racing by 2006.

Proselytised public health minister Hazel Blears: “This is part of an integrated package of measures to tackle the death toll from smoking, from world-class smoking cessation services with nicotine replacement therapy on the NHS, through major education campaigns and support lines to local Tobacco Control Alliances tackling smoking in deprived communities.”

The anti-smoking campaigns will also be supported by pharmaceutical companies and health charities.

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