MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: Internet giant Google has announced that it is launching a new measurement platform designed specifically to help marketers gain insights into consumer behaviour.

Called Google Analytics 360 Suite, the platform combines integrated data and marketing analytics tools which it says will enable marketers to track and respond to their customers at the right time.

"Sophisticated marketers who use analytics platforms are three times more likely to outperform their peers in achieving revenue goals,” said Paul Muret, VP of analytics, display, and video products at Google, in a blog post.

"It's no wonder enterprise-class marketers have been telling us they need more from their marketing analytics tools. Many tool-sets can't cope: They're too hard to use, lack sufficient collaboration capabilities, are poorly integrated, and require hard-to-find expertise."

Six tools make up the new suite and Google claims that four of them are brand new, although three of them are currently at beta stage.

The company said Google Audience Center will help marketers understand their customers and find more like them across channels, devices and campaigns by offering integration with Google and DoubleClick.

Google Optimize 360 enables marketers to show consumers multiple versions of their site and they can choose the version that works best for each audience.

Meanwhile, Google Data Studio 360 is a new visualisation product that integrates data across all suite products and other data sources.

In addition, Google Tag Manager 360 is said to offer a simplified way of gathering site information, while Google Analytics 360, formerly known as GA Premium, can analyse customer data from all touch-points and integrate with ad products.

Finally, the sixth tool is Google Attribution 360, formerly known as Adometry, which is claimed to enable marketers to analyse performance across all channels and devices to achieve their most effective marketing mix.

Data sourced from Google; additional content by Warc staff