RESTON: Google has maintained its stranglehold on the online search market, taking a 67.5% share of all such enquiries worldwide during the month of July, comScore, the research firm, reports.

According to the company's estimates, a total of 113 billion searches were conducted globally in the seventh month of this year, an increase of 41% on an annual basis.

Of this total, Google was responsible for 76.7 billion entries, bettering the figure it recorded in the same month in 2008 by 58%.

Yahoo, which recently forged an alliance with Microsoft, took second place on this measure, but enjoyed an uptick of just 2%, to 8.9 billion searches.

Baidu, China's biggest search portal, registered an improvement of 8%, to 7.9 billion searches, amounting to a 7% share in all.

Microsoft, which launched Bing, its redesigned "decision engine", earlier this year, recorded a more substantial expansion of 41%, to 3.3 billion searches.

eBay, the online auction service, also posted growth of 41%, to 1.7 billion, while NHN Corporation, the South Korean company which operates Naver, was up by a nearly quarter, to 1.5 billion.

The amount of searches conducted via Ask was 39% greater in July year-on-year, at 1.3 billion, with Yandex, its Russian counterpart, experiencing a rise of 94%, to 1.3 billion searches.

In contrast, AOL was down by 11%, to 1.0 billion, while Facebook, the social network, saw an 18% inflation in its search totals, to 879 million.

By region, Europe was responsible for the largest number of searches, at 36.4 billion, with the average web user utilising the net 116.9 times for this purpose in July.

Asia Pacific delivered 35.0 billion online enquiries, a share of 30.8%, which could be broken down to an average of 84.7 searches per person.

In North America, the typical netizen used sites like Google to find information 110.6 times, taking the region to a total of 25.1 billion searches.

Latin America posted the highest per person score, at 130.4 searches, or 10.5 billion searches in all, figures that fell to 97.3 searches per individual, and 6.6 billion searches overall, in the Middle East.

Data sourced from comScore; additional content by WARC staff