NEW YORK: Google has emerged as the runaway leader in a ranking of media companies that advertisers want to do business with.

In its latest Media Company Report, research firm Advertiser Perceptions Inc ranked some 400 media brands on 15 criteria, based on the opinions of thousands of marketers and agencies, and placed Google out in front of its competitors with an index score of 138 (where the average of all media companies was 100), MediaPost reported.

That put it 21 points ahead of second-placed Disney (117) and 27 ahead of third-placed Discovery Communications (111); another traditional media business, Time Inc, was in fourth spot on 109.

Google's closest purely digital rival, Facebook, was 30 points behind in fifth place.

Then followed another run of traditional media companies, including The New York Times (106), Fox, ABC, Turner and CBS (all on 105). 

The top five criteria for advertisers were, in order, ad results, customer satisfaction, being easy to work with, having an understanding of their business and having quality audience/circulation practices.

Those have not changed in all the time Advertiser Perceptions has been running this study, currently in its 22nd edition, and Google ranked first in all of them this time around.

"Looking back to Wave 18, the top ten media companies consisted of a mix of traditional media leaders from TV and print with Google and Yahoo showing up here and there for 'ad results'," said Frank Papsadore, vp/marketing at Advertising Perceptions.

"Fast-forward to Wave 22, and it's the digital media brands that lead the pack, with Google on top by a wide margin."

The future may see more digital media brands breaking into Advertising Perceptions' top ten. Writing in Admap, Rob Norman of GroupM has posited a future in which apps succeed channels and websites as the principal gateway to screen time.

Already some are close to universal in the US, he argued, including Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, YouTube, Google Maps, LinkedIn, Twitter and Amazon.

[An earlier version of this story mistakenly referred to Advertiser Perceptions' AX Rankings instead of the Media Company Rankings.] 

Data sourced from MediaPost, Admap; additional content by Warc staff