MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: Google, the internet giant, has announced that it is bringing the buying of television advertising into its ad tech platform to enable advertisers to run their video campaigns more easily and effectively.

"By adding traditional TV buying into DoubleClick Bid Manager, we are taking the first step towards allowing advertisers and agencies to manage their video campaigns across digital and linear TV, in a more efficient and effective way," Rany Ng, Director, Product management at Google, wrote in a blog post.

That includes the extension of programmatic buying technology to this space and access to new advertisers for television networks and station owners.

"With their inventory now available through DoubleClick Bid Manager, television networks and station owners get access to new types of buyers, such as advanced TV buying groups in agencies, digital-first advertisers, and even global advertisers," said Ng.

But Advertising Age noted a lack of detail around the networks taking part and the extent of inventory and household reach; MediaPost cited a Videology report which showed that more than half of advertisers lacked a clear understanding of the difference between programmatic and addressable TV.

And Jim Nail, a principal analyst at Forrester Research, observed that Google unsuccessfully tried something similar several years ago. "Times are a bit different, but it is highly unlikely [Google's DoubleClick] is getting anything other than remnant inventory," he said.

"Or the best you might say," he added, "is maybe the networks are putting a small amount of inventory in to dip a toe in the water at this point."

Whatever the inventory, Ng was also offering impact-based metrics: "For example, an advertiser will be able to measure the lift when someone searches for their brand on Google or YouTube after seeing their TV ad."

Data sourced from Advertising Age, MediaPost; additional content by WARC staff