MOUNTAIN VIEW: Google is aiming to complete the migration of all its advertisers and their campaigns to its Enhanced Campaigns platform by the end of this month and said client reaction had been "generally positive".

In an earnings conference call, reported by Seeking Alpha, Nikesh Arora, chief business officer, said that 6m active campaigns, or around three quarters of the total, had already been moved over to Enhanced Campaigns, which enable advertisers to reach an audience across multiple devices with one campaign.

And he indicated the work had thrown up some insights for advertisers, many of whom had discovered they were not addressing the mobile opportunity properly. "They discovered new inventory, they discovered better ROI and better conversion," stated Arora.

He cited evidence from Pizza Hut as an example of the improved performances now being achieved.

"Social mobile ROI increased by 20%," he reported. "They found that mobile click through rate has increased by more than 60% while cost per order on smartphones dropped by 17%."

Arora was sure that Google would only get better at targeting and providing ads in context for consumers so that ROI would continue to improve.

"When you're in a car parking lot and you're searching for another car dealership that gives us a very different signal than if you're sitting at your desk and searching for a car," he suggested.

Commenting on the constantly connected world of consumers, he said it went far beyond direct response and transaction marketing to create "great new opportunities for brand marketers to engage users" as people spent time watching videos, playing games and consuming news.

He also noted that Youtube's mobile revenue in June was three times what it was at the beginning of the year and said that Google Play had seen "tremendous growth" in digital ads and content.

"Publishers like Penguin, Random House, Time Inc. movie studies like Disney and NBC Universal, and app developers like King and Square Enix are creating terrific experiences for our users," he remarked.

Data sourced from Seeking Alpha; additional content by Warc staff