MOUNTAIN VIEW, California: Google has thrown down a further challenge to Microsoft in the shape of a rival to the latter's PowerPoint software.

The web search leader remains coy as to the details of its new product, which will debut this summer, but says users will be able to store documents online and let anyone with a free Google account view the slides, spreadsheets or documents online.

The program is the latest offering in Google's Docs & Spreadsheets business software, unveiled piecemeal by the company over the past several months. It has already launched word processing, email and spreadsheet applications, in direct competition with Microsoft's world-conquering Office suite.

But ceo Eric Schmidt insists Google is not trying to poach the software titan's customers, averring: "This is really a different way of sharing information - we think it's a better fit to how people use the web."

Data sourced from Financial Times online; additional content by WARC staff