Google, ever-hungry for new sources of ad dollars, this week introduces web ads incorporating video. Initially at least, the ads will not appear on its own web properties but on third party sites carrying Google-brokered ads.

For once, though, this is not a Larry and Sergey 'first'; several other web companies already sell ads with video content. But Google's video ads can be targeted to appear only on specified partner sites or when certain keyword phrases appear on partner sites.

"That starts to bring high degrees of targeting to video advertisement," observes Greg Sterling, an analyst at Sterling Market Intelligence.

It is also hoped the new facility will attract more brand advertising from fmcg companies, offering a cost-effective, wholly accountable alternative to TV. "In many cases, these are advertisers who might not have spent on the internet," says Google director of product management Gokul Rajaram.

The video ads will be sold via Google's standard online ad auction system, whereby advertisers bid against each other on a payment-per-click basis.

Data sourced from Wall Street Journal Online; additional content by WARC staff