MOUNTAIN VIEW, California: Google, lately leveraging its ad sales pressure every which way it can, has hired the former co-president of Ogilvy & Mather's New York office.

Andy Berndt (40), a former creative director and account handler will step out of Sergey and Brin's Trojan Horse towards the end of this year.

"Working with ad agencies on new ways Google products can be used in advertising," he will report to Google vp of marketing David Lawee.

As managing director of Google's newly formed Creative Lab unit, Berndt's brief is work with agencies to seek more creative ways in which Google products can be used in marketing pitches.

With the legend of the Trojan Horse clearly in mind, a Google spokeswoman assures nervy ad shops that the search titan is "not moving into the ad agency business" and would not work directly with clients.

  • New Google Ad Gizmo Emulates a Website
    Google announced Wednesday a new digital ad format that enables marketers using its network of sites to distribute ads that emulate mini-websites.

    Branded Google Gadget Ads, the new technology includes video, games, news updates, images and more. As and when consumers click on the ads, they can place those ads on their personal web pages.

    Google did not explain why any sane mortal would wish to do that - but sanity has never been a precondition of milking dollars from the internet!

    Data sourced from Wall Street Journal Online. additional content by WARC staff