The News Corporation media empire has chosen online titan Google to provide search services and advertising software for its social networking site.

The tie-up will generate at least $900 million (€700m; £472m) for NewsCorp's Fox Interactive sites and is one in the eye for rivals Microsoft and Yahoo, the latter displaced by Google as the advertising contractor on MySpace.

Google will sell ads adjacent to search results and also display ads linked to the content of web pages. The Mountainview, California-headquartered company gains access to more than 52m young internet users who find friends and exchange message on the site.

Opines David Card, analyst at Jupiter Research in New York: "MySpace's audience is highly desirable for a certain class of advertiser. It's a very good partnership. It's the best search engine and the best social networking site."

Google has also just teamed with Viacom to distribute advertising-supported TV clips to website owners [WAMN: 08-Aug-06].

Data sourced from and Seattle Times; additional content by WARC staff