Google will refund up to $60 million (€47.07m; £32.18m) in credits to advertisers affected by click-fraud over the past four years. Moreover, Google's coffers will be lightened by a further $30m in lawyers' fees.

Arkansas state Judge Joe Griffin approved the settlement between the parties, thereby ending Google's long running dispute with two Arkansas online advertisers Lane's Gifts and Collectibles and Caulfield Investigations.

However, Google has no cause to exhale yet. The settlement has been contested in another lawsuit filed in California, the outcome of which is still pending.

"We're pleased Judge Griffin affirmed the settlement as appropriate and fair to advertisers," gurgled Google general counsel Nicole Wong, perhaps empathizing with her fellow lawyers as they count the loot.

"We look forward to continuing to manage invalid clicks effectively and provide our advertisers with an outstanding return on investment."

Data sourced from Wall Street Journal Online; additional content by WARC staff