MOUNTAIN VIEW, California: Google will not be diverted from its quest to dominate the worldwide web and its attendant opportunities, declaring itself unfazed by alliance talks between Yahoo and Micro-soft [WARC News: 09-May-07].

Ceo Eric Schmidt (pictured above) said, after the negotiations came to light last week: "It wouldn't change our strategy. It would change the competitive dynamic, but it wouldn't cause us to do anything different."

His insouciance was echoed by Google co-founder Larry Page, who told journalists before the company's annual meeting: "Our goal is to produce a search engine that understands what you want before you type it. Like a super-librarian. We're still a long ways from that, but we're closer. We get 1% closer per quarter."

In addition, Schmidt said Google had become more comfortable doing big money deals, as evidenced by its proposed $3.1 billion (€2.28bn; £1.55bn) buy-out of online advertising business DoubleClick [WARC News: 16-Apr-07].

But he stressed that the company continued to view small acquisitions as the mainstay of its merger strategy to boost its technology and talent pool.

Google has hired nearly 10,000 employees since the end of 2004 and expects to add thousands more before the year ends.

The executives conceded that expansion will draw criticism and less-than-flattering comparisons with mighty Microsoft, but, said Schmidt: "It's healthy and makes us stronger. The only frustration is when the criticism is based on a falsehood."

Data sourced from USA; additional content by WARC staff