GLOBAL: Turkey, China and Russia are the countries at the forefront of the shift from viewing live TV to watching programming streamed from the internet and watching TV on a computer or laptop.

The findings emerged from a survey by Ipsos OTX, the innovation centre for the market research firm, which polled 15,551 adults in 20 countries. Globally, most people still watched live television (86%) but other modes were becoming increasingly popular.

Over one quarter (27%) watched via a computer while 16% streamed content from the internet to their TV set. The use of a DVR or other recording device was cited by 16% while watching on a mobile device was being done by 11%.

Streaming from the internet to TV was most popular among those in Turkey (44%), Russia (36%) and China (33%). This top group also included South Korea (25%), India (23%), Sweden (19%) and Great Britain (17%).

Ipsos further identified a "middle pack" consisting of Canada (17%), the US (17%), Brazil (15%), Mexico (13%), Spain (12%), Italy (11%) and Australia (10%). A bottom group of those least likely to stream content from the internet to TV comprised South Africa (9%), Argentina (9%), Poland (7%), Germany (5%), France (5%), and Japan (3%).

Watching TV on computer or laptop was chosen most often by those from China (52%), Russia (43%) and Turkey (42%). Joining them in the top group were India (40%), Sweden (35%), South Korea (31%) and Great Britain (29%).

A middle group included Poland (27%), South Africa (26%), Canada (26%), Germany (24%), Mexico (24%), Spain (23%) and Brazil (21%). Those from Argentina (20%), the United States (20%), Australia (19%), Italy (17%), Japan (14%) and France (12%) were least likely to watch TV on computer or laptop.

Turkey (20%) and China (25%) also featured strongly among countries most likely to watch TV programming on a mobile device, but South Korea (26%) led the way here. Russia (5%), in contrast, was near the bottom, along with Poland (5%), Germany (4%) and France (4%).

Alternative viewing modes available appealed more to the under 35s, with 35% watching on a laptop or computer (17% of 50-64 year olds), 20% streaming from the internet (11% of 50-64 year olds) and 15% watching on a mobile device (5% of 50-64 year olds).

Data sourced from Ipsos OTX; additional content by Warc staff