International systems and business consultancy Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, headquartered in Paris, is on the hunt for a shop to handle its US creative and media planning/buying business – said to be worth around $20 million in annual billings, a considerable hike on the $4m (per CMR) spent in the year to August 2001.

CGE&Y associate marketing director in New York, Karen Cohen, is leading the review. “We're really at the exploratory stages, talking to some agencies,” she said. “The work that we're looking at is on extending our brand awareness in the US.” But Coen portrayed the business simply as “a project”, minimizing its importance.

Previous stateside work for the firm has been in the hands of D’Arcy, although its contract expired in July and all US advertising was stopped some months prior. D’Arcy is not expected to figure among the contending agencies.

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