LONDON: GM Europe is sending "a message that something is happening with these brands," hypes cmo Alain Visser, of the automaker's latest Insignia models launched simultaneously by Opel of Germany and the UK's Vauxhall.

In addition to updated technology each brand sports a new logo (Opel pictured above). The restyled lightning bolt "embodies the confident, exciting direction we are taking at Opel,” claims an excited Visser.

Vauxhall's logo (right) is a glitzier version of its traditional griffin – a mythical beast with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. 

Warming to his theme Visser enthused: "And this direction is immediately clear from the polished, even higher class brand emblems. We will ... use the new emblem from now on in all future models."

More importantly, the new Opel and Vauxhall logos are matched by major changes in the product lineup, culminating in the introduction of the midsize Insignia. The new logos are intended to highlight the GM brands' latest emphasis on technology.

"A changed logo should be a symbol that something more fundamental has changed, says Visser. "There has to be substance behind it."

GM's recent upbeat performance in Europe contrasts with its stateside woes. The ailing manufacturer is expected to introduce the Insignia to the US market rebadged as a Saturn. In China it will likely display the Buick brand.

Data sourced from New York Times; additional content by WARC staff