BERLIN: Consumers in Germany place a financial value on their ability to access the internet that is over five times higher than the revenue the industry currently receives, news figures show.

TNS-Infratest, the insights provider, surveyed a panel of web users in the country, and found they would be willing to meet a fee of €811 per year to secure access to the web if absolutely essential.

Overall, this would yield fees of €30.8bn from the web population as a whole, compared with the €5.5bn they currently pay.

Respondents with monthly household earnings of more than €3,000 per month pegged the amount they were prepared to spend for continued access to this channel at €1,745.

Figures stood at €1,310 annually where participants claimed an income of less than €1,000 each month, the second highest returns on this metric.

By contrast, representatives of households collecting between €2,000 and €2,500 per month placed this total at only €775, the lowest score.

"We can say that the internet is the most important for high-income and, especially, very low-income users most importantly," said Tobias Weber, a project manager at TNS.

Data sourced from TNS-Infratest; additional content by Warc staff