BERLIN: Many shoppers in Germany are interested in buying web-enabled TV sets, a new report has argued.

According to figures from BITKOM, the industry body, demand for digital consumer electronics should rise by 2.5% to 12.7bn in 2010.

Flat-screen TVs will account for 49.3% of all revenues, equivalent to purchases of 9.6m units, ahead of digital cameras on 12.4%, while games consoles and set-top boxes both register totals of 5.2%.

Looking ahead, 3D TVs are likely to gain in popularity, having achieved sales of 40,000 units since the first examples were launched in March 2010.

Elsewhere, TVs boasting internet connections are also witnessing increased favour, with 1.3m sets picked up by customers after hitting the market in early 2009.

A survey of consumers revealed that 47% were keen to surf the web in this way, including 94% of participants under 30 years old.

More specifically, 31% agreed sending and receiving emails via this platform would be useful, falling to 17% for chat sites, 13% to ordering goods such as beer and pizza, and 10% for making video calls.

Nearly a fifth of retirement-age contributors expressed a desire to access healthcare services and information in a similar fashion.

When discussing possible purchases, 23% hoped to acquire a new mobile phone in the coming year, compared with just 4% wishing to buy a tablet computer.

Another emerging trend is "home networking", or running a range of appliances from a single central device.

Some 28% of those polled argued mobile phones would be the most effective gadget for this task, with laptops on 13%, traditional PCs on 12%, TV sets on 10% and tablets on 5%.

Data sourced from BITKOM; additional content by Warc staff