BERLIN: Consumers in Germany spent €13.6 billion ($20bn; £12bn) online in 2008, as eCommerce sales in the country increased in value by 19% from the previous year, reports GfK's WebScope Survey.

GfK found that 29.5 million Germans bought something from the internet during 2008, an increase of 12% on an annual basis, and spent an average of €49 per purchase, up 7% year-on-year.

The overall "frequency of purchase", however, was static, with the typical consumer making some 9.4 acquisitions from the web over the whole 12 months.

Among the groups of online shoppers identified by GfK were "bargain hunters", equating to 7.4% of internet users, but who were responsible for 10.7% of sales through the medium.

By contrast, over a third of consumers could be termed as "selective users", with their more hesitatant approach meaning they contributed just 12.8% of eCommerce sales in the country last year.

Data sourced from eMarketer; additional content by WARC staff