BERLIN: A majority of advertisers in Germany believe the iPad, Apple's pioneering tablet PC, will become an important marketing channel.

Initiative, the media network, conducted a survey of senior executives to gauge their opinions concerning the device approximately 100 days after it was rolled out in Germany.

Overall, 73% of the panel agreed they could envisage utilising this tool in campaigns, while 79% argued it would be an effective means to engage consumers.

Elsewhere, 60% thought using this medium may make them look innovative and modern in the eyes of an attractive target audience, and half expressed a willingness to deploy the iPad as a direct sales platform.

Some 83% of contributors predicted Apple's latest gadget should ultimately take the leading role in this area within the technology sector, but 42% were undecided about its potential as an advertising format.

Looking to the possible impact the iPad might exert on print media, 85% of participants anticipate that physical newspapers and magazines can co-exist alongside digital alternatives.

"Advertising on the iPad will be funded mainly from the online budget, although it can also be used for print and, especially, video advertising," said Volker Helm, the ceo of Initiative.

Data sourced from Meedia; additional content by Warc staff