HAMBURG: Advertising expenditure levels through traditional media such as newspapers, magazines and television in Germany fell by 2.4% in the first nine months of this year, to €14.3 billion ($21.3bn; £13.3bn), figures from Nielsen show.

The research firm reported that the third quarter of 2009 delivered a decline in spending of 0.3% in the European nation, compared with slides of 4.6% in Q2, and 1.9% from January to March.

Procter & Gamble has increased its outlay by €49m over the year to date, as has Danone, up by €47m, and Sky, which boosted its media budget by €34m during this period.

A number of discount retailers also heightened their adspend, with Lidl investing some €58m more in its marketing communications, while Aldi drove its funding levels up by €27m.

By contrast, the energy companies E.ON and RWE reined in their expenditure, and were down by €25m and €21m respectively.

In terms of media, TV ad sales slipped by 0.2%, to €6.2bn, between January and September, with newspapers off by 0.8% to €3.8bn, and consumer magazines by 14.6%, to €2.4bn.

Radio, by contrast, registered an uptick of 0.8%, to €921m, with outdoor also growing by 12.6%, to €657m, while cinema posted a decrease of 11.5%, to €43m.

Online revenues, excluding search, rose by 16.8% in the first nine months of this year in Germany, to a total of €1.1bn, Bitkom has previously reported.

Data sourced from Hollywood Reporter/Nielsen; additional content by Warc staff