German online shoppers are the most loyal in Europe, according to new research from Jupiter MMXI, while those in Italy and Switzerland are least likely to return to an e-tail site.

The research in six countries identified unique visitors to websites during November and tracked them for three months to see how many returned to those sites.

Germany’s e-tail category led the way with a 75.1% retention rate, followed by the UK (72.5%), France (64.9%), Spain (57%), Switzerland (51.8%) and Italy (51.5%). In general, loyalty tended to be highest in nations where the e-tail sector had greatest reach.

As owner of the top online retail site in all six countries, Amazon offered a means to compare pan-national loyalty to the same internet brand. British surfers returned most often, with 40% of original visitors in November returning in February, while those in Switzerland lagged the rest on 28%.

In France, attracted the highest retention rate (53%), just ahead of (52%). In the UK, on the other hand, performed well with a 34.5% retention rate, while loyalty to the websites of high-street giants Argos, Comet and John Lewis stood at just 12%–16%.

Data sourced from: Daily Research News Online; Jupiter MMXI; additional content by WARC staff