LOS ANGELES: Young women and girls aged 13 to 22, or those belonging to Generation Z, are very aware of online marketing and they interact with content primarily through social media platforms, according to new research.

Clique Media Group, which recently launched Obsessee, a social media-only lifestyle site specifically targeted at girls in this increasingly important demographic, conducted a study into how best to reach these Gen Z consumers.

It found that, unlike millennials, they prefer to receive information from individuals rather than brands, and many favour shareable content.

The findings have been revealed in an infographic published by Adweek, which also combined data from EY, the professional services firm.

The data showed that 39% of Gen Z girls get inspiration for shopping from social media and that Instagram and Pinterest are their favoured sites for inspiration.

Amazon, Forever 21, Target, American Eagle Outfitters and H&M are their top five shopping apps while, being fans of fast and easy entertainment, Buzzfeed is their top destination for content.

The research also revealed that 34% have found products they like on social media, 35% read newsletters from brands, while 32% like discovering cool new people to follow on social media.

Meanwhile, more than two-thirds (70%) used a shopping app in the past month while a quarter say the most important quality about content is its ability to be shared.

Elsewhere, the research confirmed the enduring popularity of Facebook – at least among girls aged 18 to 22. Around 93% of this age group visit Facebook at least every couple of days, but this drops to just 57% of younger girls aged 13 to 17.

Both aged groups are reasonably matched regarding usage of YouTube (76.4% versus 77.3%) and Snapchat (59.4% versus 52.9%), but older girls are more interested in Twitter and Pinterest than their younger peers.

"Gen Zers are acutely aware of native content and in-app marketing, and they don't mind, as long as the brand is speaking their language and is genuine and unfiltered," said Katherine Power, co-founder and CEO of Clique Media Group.

"Specifically, these young minds want a one-to-one connection to an individual instead of hearing from a brand."

Data sourced from Adweek; additional content by Warc staff