NEW YORK: Marketers could benefit from looking beyond the "360 wheel" that encourages them to cover every viable marketing touchpoint with their campaigns, a leading executive from Gatorade has argued.

Lauren Fritts, Director/Global Marketing at Gatorade – the sports drink manufactured by PepsiCo Inc – discussed this subject at Advertising Week 2015.

"My team manages our integrated campaigns, and I think I've always been a bit of a prisoner to the 360-wheel," she said. (For more, including further details of how the brand is evolving its strategy, read Warc's exclusive report: Gatorade's marketing moves beyond the "360 wheel".)

This idea is based on the notion "you need the page in the deck that shows, 'What's the TV asset? And what's the print? And the out-of-home? And the radio? And the digital? And the social? And the experiential?

"And you develop all these tactics to populate that 360-wheel so that your bosses will give that pat on the back … Don't feel like you're handcuffed by the 360-wheel – that everything needs a 360 [degree] plan."

In advancing beyond this approach, Gatorade has worked closely with OMD, its media agency, to create a more granular playbook covering everything from campaign creation to measurement.

"What we've found … is that you need to identify the right tactics and the right media vehicles to get those tactics out to accomplish your objectives," said Fritts.

In providing a further insight, she referenced how refining its strategy has helped Gatorade understand the optimal spending mix for different types of campaign.

"If it's product-work for us, we know the media vehicles that deliver the strongest ROI to drive volume, so we optimise for those: it's TV; it's print; it's digital display," Fritts said.

"We don't try to overthink it any more and build a bunch of assets that we don't really need, that aren't going to create a lot of incremental impact.

"When it comes to the equity side of things, we let the idea lead the tactics and lead the media vehicles where the idea comes to life. And that allows us to do a lot more that's experimental but still impactful."

Data sourced from Warc