Computer marketer Gateway is to change the focus of some of its advertising following a Q4 loss of $94.3 million and the resignation of ceo Jeff Weitzen.

Stuart Redsun, VP-advertising, said that the company would retain its current McCann-Erickson-produced campaign featuring Michael J Fox, and would step up its push to attract small businesses with the introduction of ads featuring customers using Gateway solutions.

“We’re happy with McCann and with the Michael J Fox campaign,” he commented. “Our marketing team is intact and we think we’re doing the right things to address the challenges we’re having in the consumer segment.

“We’re not looking for one piece of the business to bail out the other,” Redsun continued. “We’re facing a softer marketplace right now, we’re going to fight to take share and we’ll look for ways to take our message and make it more cohesive across channels … the Web, our stores, media and events.”

In addition to the change in marketing, Gateway is expected to unveil a new business strategy when chairman Ted Waitt, who has returned to day-to-day management since Weitzen’s departure, addresses an analysts’ meeting on February 28.

News source: Advertising Age - Daily Deadline