SYDNEY: Garnier, Dettol and Surf were among the brands which launched the most popular products with Australian consumers last year, a report has revealed.

Some 7,000 internet users completed the annual Product of the Year survey to discover shoppers' favourite new offerings from the preceding 12 months.

Be Natural Cereals attained this position in the packaged food segment, V8 Smoothies was the pre-eminent new beverage and Coles' Grill Range was the best-regarded for fresh food lines.

Garnier Beauty Perfector was the leading player in the beauty category, while Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner claimed the honours for haircare.

Dettol Surface Cleanser was top in the household cleaning sector, a role assumed by Surf's Essential Oils in laundry. Comfort led the way in the fabric conditioner market.

In spite of the popularity of these goods, 94% of the sample admitted to purchasing own-label goods at least "occasionally", and 57% thought such products were of equivalent quality to their big-name rivals.

A further 62% of participants considered whether products were made in Australia when making purchase decisions, while 52% looked for eco-friendly packaging.

Elsewhere, 48% of interviewees assessed the ethical credentials of products, and 46% liked buying items with a minimal impact on the planet, falling to 27% for organic offerings.

The study also found that 45% of the panel had bought CDs, DVDs and books on the web, ahead of cinema, theatre and event tickets on 41% and flight bookings on 38%.

Cosmetics and nutritional products recorded 28% on this measure, with groceries on 24%, financial services posting 23%, electronics on 21% and both appliances and computer games on 19%.

"Online shopping is big business but when it comes to new products Australian consumers are nervous about buying something they haven't used before, especially grocery items," Sarah Connelly, director of Product of the Year, said.

Data sourced from B&T; additional content by Warc staff