AMSTERDAM: Games are the most popular paid-for apps, according to a new global survey of the leading free, paid and revenue-generating apps, although Facebook also ranks highly as a free app sourced from some online stores.

Distimo, the Dutch analytics provider, tracked the top five app downloads accessed from the Apple App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore and found Candy Crush Saga and Clash of the Clans to be among the top performing apps in terms of revenue with the former also featuring highly among free apps.

The survey, which covered all of November 2013, ranked Candy Crush Saga, published by, as the top free app in the Amazon Appstore and the third largest free app from Google Play.

It was also the top grossing app in the Apple App Store and the third largest revenue generator on Google Play, although Clash of the Clans, published by Supercell, took Google Play's top spot.

Neither featured among the top five free apps in the Apple App Store, where Clumsy Ninja, a new family/adventure game, was ranked first after generating more downloads than YouTube.

Facebook recorded a stable download volume, ranking first among free apps on Google Play and fourth in the Apple App Store while Facebook Messenger was placed fourth on the Google Play list after recording a 20% increase in its number of installs.

Minecraft-Pocket Edition, published by Mojang of Sweden, was the most popular paid app in both the Apple App Store and the Amazon Appstore.

And the recently updated Bingo World – probably helped by its special Thanksgiving theme design – came second among free apps in Amazon, giving it a top position in the free US charts.

In other findings, the report found users in the US generated the largest proportion of free app downloads from Apple (at 27%) although users in China were close behind with 20% of downloads.

Apple App Store continued to have the largest market share in November, at 63%, but this has declined since the 70% share it held in June 2013 as Google Play increased its share to 37% since the summer.

Data sourced from Distimo; additional content by Warc staff