LONDON: GlaxoSmithKline, the pharma group, is seeking to adopt a more "standard" and "scalable" approach to the digital strategy pursued by its brands, enhancing engagement as a result.

The healthcare giant recently announced it has formed a new tie-up with Infosys, the Indian IT specialist, and Fabric Worldwide, the marketing technology unit of WPP Group.

Consequently, GSK will establish a Global Digital Services division, tasked with creating replicable procedures, sharing best practices and handling information for this channel.

"We recognise that our customers, consumers and other external stakeholders increasingly want to engage with us online," Phil Benton, VP, global digital services at GSK Core Business Services, said in a statement.

"Global Digital Services will enable us to provide globally standard processes, scalable assets and advanced analytics to support better and more efficient engagement with these external audiences."

This unit is going to deploy a flexible cloud-computing system developed by Infosys and Fabric that will allow it to quickly build tools which are both entirely suited to its needs and easily accessible.

More specifically, the company plans to utilise this interface to augment its capabilities in areas such as "listening" to the online buzz surrounding its brands.

Further objectives will incorporate generating in-depth consumer insights, and enhancing the organisation's use of analytics to secure the maximum engagement with customers.

At the in-house level, the goal is to heighten collaboration between teams active in different disciplines and geographic locations, as well as to "foster re-use of digital assets" and avoid wastage.

When it comes to marketing, Infosys and Fabric Worldwide will provide specialised services relating to brand and agency liaison, alongside working in fields like data analysis.

"For pharmaceutical companies, driving digital transformation, globally across the organisation to achieve rapid growth and deepen customer engagement, is very important," said VG Dheeshjith, global head of life sciences at Infosys, said.

"In the coming years, pharmaceutical companies will be heavily leveraging digital media to connect with their sales force, customers, physicians and key opinion leaders in the industry."

Data sourced from the Sacramento Bee; additional content by Warc staff