ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPERS is poised to gain the contract to produce a newspaper for the Millennium Dome, in a deal expected to be rubber-stamped in February. The four-page paper, which will be distributed free to an expected 35,000 daily visitors, could wrap-round an existing title, such as the Daily Mail or the London Evening Standard; or it may dovetail with Associated’s plans for a new free London newspaper [Debrief, 6-137]. Cynics see the hiring of Associated as a method of silencing criticism of the Dome. The Mail and the Standard, thus far fiercely critical of the project as a waste of money, face a U-turn in editorial policy -’ in similar vein to The Sun, whose fearless hacks formerly spat daily bile at the Dome but nowadays are neutered Toms, since sister-company BSkyB made its £12m sponsorship investment in the Greenwich Albatross.