A far-reaching agreement between two auto giants was announced yesterday, the aim of which is to provide the joint workforces of General Motors and DaimlerChrysler with unlimited internet access at rock-bottom cost.

The carmakers will provide staff with a tailored service from America Online starting at a mere $3 monthly – a massive discount on the usual cost of $21.95. The service will include dedicated content such as health and retirement benefits, work schedules and other features.

Says GM chief executive G Richard Wagoner: “"This will help in a lot of ways. If we told you today everything we're going to do, we'd probably leave out 90 percent of the stuff, and half of it would be wrong."

The move follows Ford’s initiative in February in which it offered employees free PCs and printers plus internet access at $5 per month. GM says it decided not to take a similar route as some 75% of its staff already own PCs.

News source: New York Times