IN THE VANGUARD of European e-marketing is Germany, where the highest proportion of managers rate advertising and marketing as the most important function of their companies’ websites.

The survey, conducted by TNS Harris for parcels service UPS, sampled nearly 1,500 executives working for some of Europe’s largest service and manufacturing companies. Over half of the German managers said their website was important for advertising and marketing purposes, well ahead of Britain (in second place) where 39% thought the internet important in this regard. But in terms of using the net for buying and selling, the UK leads with over 50% of British firms claiming to participate in e-commerce - ahead of Belgium and Spain, where 38% profess transactional use of the net.

The study also highlights the growing information overload on senior managers, with the average European executive receiving nearly 100 e-mails weekly. Here, Britain again tops the poll - its unfortunate bosses facing suffocation by an avalanche of nearly 150 e-mail messages!