RANCHO PALO VERDES, CA: General Electric, the industrial conglomerate, believes that successfully pursuing "micro-experiences" and "micro-relevance" could exert a "macro-impact" on its business.

Andrew Markowitz, general manager of the company's Performance Marketing Labs, discussed this subject at the Association of National Advertisers' (ANA) 2015 Digital & Social Media Conference.

More specifically, he suggested that thriving on digital involves a "quest to connect people, ideas, places [and] machines" in increasingly tailored ways.

Drilling down into this challenge raises two main questions which, in combination, have powerful implications for marketers.

"How do you create micro-experiences that are highly personalized and highly customized so that they have the most valuable impact?" Markowitz asked in describing the first. (For more, including how the firm is driving internal digital adoption, read Warc's exclusive report: GE powers new digital model.)

Building on this notion, brand custodians also need to address how they are going to pull together the range of facts and figures now at their disposal to personalize and customize at scale.

"How do you measure data, context and location, bring them together and make micro-relevance [that] yields macro-impact?" asked Markowitz.

Through basing their activity on the wants and needs of individuals, operators like General Electric can set about fostering stronger and deeper relationships than ever before.

"The more personalizing of the messages [we achieve] – to our customer and to our customer's customer – the more important it will be. And the more relevant it'll be," said Markowitz. "This is the paradigm from which we start."

Such a starting point, he continued, has grown ever more significant as each customer today follows a distinct path to purchase.

"Everyone has their own journey – their own funnel – now. There is no one funnel. There are 500 people in this room. And there are 500 funnels to get you to buy more," Markowitz said.

Data sourced from Warc