LONDON: General Electric, the multinational conglomerate, will seek to leverage a variety of sponsorship initiatives in an effort to boost brand awareness levels in the UK.

The company, which is active in sectors from the media to financial servicesand utilities, is one of the official partners of the 2012 Olympic Games, which are to be held in London.

In order to maximise the return on its investment in this area, which covers everything from transport to security, GE will use this tie-up to become "much more visible" over the next two years.

To achieve this goal, the US firm will run formal advertising and marketing campaigns alongside a number of other programmes encompassing a range of different channels.

General Electric has already introduced a scheme in UK schools which encourages pupils to eat healthily and exercise regularly.

Similarly, it has taken on the status of a sponsor of the British triathlon team, an affiliation that it will employ to promote its healthcare technology and equipment.

Chris Katsuleres, director of Olympic marketing at GE, suggested that this should help GE "localise the relationship" it has with consumers in the UK.

"We will tell our story and use the Olympics as a platform," he added.

Data sourced from Marketing Week; additional content by Warc staff