The rapidly changing retail landscape, driven by the rise of e-commerce and changes in consumer behaviour, was perhaps not surprisingly the topic of most interest for Warc users searching for information in shopper marketing over the last year.

Top of the list was Connect with the mobile shopsumer, an article originally published in Admap that outlined how mobile devices are changing the way in which consumers research products, purchase them and then share their experience with their social networks.

It argued that physical stores will become less important for purchasing, but will become more important as a source for brand experiences.

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Following on with further advice for brick-and-mortar retailers, the Rescuing Retail report outlined how they can respond to the growing phenomenon of 'showrooming', whereby shoppers check out products in a physical store but then go online to buy.

The third most popular paper on shopper marketing looked at how digital technology and current consumer expectations are transforming the shopping experience.

Retailers, the study argued, can meet consumer expectations by reinventing convenience, redefining loyalty and repositioning value. Havas Worldwide, the ad agency network, was the source of the fourth most-read shopper article of 2013 with a piece that examined likely developments in consumer attitudes to digital commerce.

The Havas study found shoppers are increasingly mixing online and offline to make purchases and concluded that although physical touch is still important the factors in favour of e-commerce outweigh those against it.

Drawing on the experience of major retailers like Walmart and John Lewis, the fifth most-read article urged retailers to integrate the best advances in technology into their store formats to enhance shoppers' experience and to drive down costs.

For more details about the most read papers on Warc in 2013 on other topics, visit our Most Read page.

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