LONDON: It is no longer enough for campaigns to be "always on", a leading industry figure has argued: they must instead be "always ready" in a hyperconnected digital advertising landscape.

Writing in the current issue of Admap, in an article titled Data activation in real-time marketing, Nathan Barling, global chief data and technology officer at iProspect, outlined ways in which marketers can build contextually relevant, personalised and meaningful campaigns that meet this aim.

Barling suggested that one of the simplest and most effective methods for cross-device, relevant messaging is utilising weather activity.

"Companies have seen revenue increases of over 500% by simply using weather-based targeting over traditional ad copy," he reported. "By using custom ad copy that references what the weather is doing, the ad connects with the consumer and shares in their current experience."

Sporting events offer another straightforward way to build engagement with consumers. "Launching ads or social posts based on results of matches again allows you to be real-time and relevant," Barling noted.

"If you have a team sponsorship or a sponsored athlete, why not send out automated content every time they score or when their matches start?" he added.

Geolocation ads are equally powerful. "Understanding where consumers are located can help improve not only your targeting quality but also messaging relevance," said Barling.

And while geo-location and geo-fencing has typically been used in the context of physical stores, why stop there? "You could just as easily geo-fence your out-of-home adverts in the same fashion and use this for message continuation."

"The key is not to be on all the time, but to be there when your consumers are there," Barling said.

This notion is particularly relevant to the 2016 Admap Prize, an essay-based competition the subject of which is "How should marketing adapt to the era of personalisation?"

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Data sourced from Admap