DANA POINT, CA: Frito-Lay, the snacks division of PepsiCo, typically draws on three key "lessons" when pursuing its digital-marketing campaigns, a leading executive has revealed.

Ram Krishnan, Frito-Lay North America's svp/marketing, discussed this topic at the 2014 Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Digital & Social Media Conference.

Successfully connecting with 19–24-year-olds, he asserted, is complicated by the vast amounts of information they are exposed to and the huge number of choices on offer.

In response, Krishnan told delegates, "three lessons and a mindset of philosophical change" now support a variety of Frito-Lay's marketing efforts.

The first of these requires delivering engaging content which users will actively want to spread on social platforms. (For more, including examples of putting these ideas into practice, read Warc's exclusive report: How Frito-Lay masters digital for brand engagement.)

"Make sure you're not just starting with a 30-second ad, but focus on trying to come up with content that's actually worth sharing," Krishnan advised.

Alongside formulating stimulating material with viral potential, it is equally essential to identify the best channels to distribute and promote it through.

"Make sure the media is actually amplifying the content in such a way that it actually adds value between the consumers – a big mind-shift change for us as we approach creative," he added.

The third recommendation provided by Krishnan involves context – a long-standing consideration for brands, but one which has to be reimagined for the digital era.

"To make the good creative great, the right context is always important," Krishnan asserted.

"It's always been important in traditional mediums like TV and print, but it's doubly important in the social-media age, as you're really interrupting people's lives."

Data sourced from Warc