PARIS: The vast majority of consumers in France prefer to buy local brands in a range of product categories, a survey by TNS Sofres, the research firm, has found.

According to the study, 88% of French shoppers thought buying something manufactured in the country supported domestic economic growth and employment.

By contrast, only 10% of participants believed that businesses should endeavour to make their products wherever costs were lowest in order to aid their international competitiveness.

The perception that choosing a local brand boosted the national employment outlook reached a peak of 99% among respondents who were 50 years of age or older.

Elsewhere, 95% of the panel stated it was "important" for companies to clearly demonstrate whether their goods were made in France, including 65% who agreed this was "very important".

Such a point of view was broadly consistent across all age groups, with 95% of older consumers and 89% of their younger counterparts taking up this opinion.

By category, 93% of shoppers suggested the origin of food products helped shape their purchase decisions in this sector.

More than 70% of adults also considered this issue when buying clothing, consumer electronics and cars, although in each case 18–24 year olds were less concerned than the average.

Overall, however, at least 90% of the sample said products made in France carried a guarantee of quality, as well as ensuring that the brand concerned met strict rules concerning its employment and environmental credentials.

Despite this, TNS Sofres warned that price might play more of a role than its results allowed for when individuals were actually choosing items in-store.

Data sourced from TNS Sofres; additional content by Warc staff