PARIS: A majority of consumers in France are "suspicious" of the eco-friendly messages used by brands in their marketing campaigns, new research has revealed.

Ethicity, a specialist agency, partnered with TNS, the research firm, to conduct a survey of 4,373 adults in the country, in order to assess their attitudes regarding environmental issues.

Three-quarters of the panel argued that sustainable development was still a matter of major importance, while 47% had adopted more ethical consumption habits over the course of 2009.

However, 54% of the sample were found to be "suspicious" of brand and corporate communications of this kind, and 53% argued there were now too many ads discussing this subject.

A further 43% of contributors said these commercials no longer left an impression, while 62% suggested the sheer weight of information was leading to heightened levels of confusion among shoppers.

Elizabeth Pastore-Reiss, the director of Ethicity, argued there had been a shift away from a need to learn about "green products" and towards seeking "greater clarity" as these goods entered the mainstream.

Data sourced from Actualites News Environnement; additional content by Warc staff