PARIS: French consumers tend to favour domestic websites, with international names challenging for a top spot only in categories such as travel and tourism and, to a lesser extent, clothing.

Harris Interactive analysed responses from a representative sample of more than 40,000 people aged over 15 to compile lists of the top ten websites in nine categories, from clothing to high-tech.

While remained the preferred site of French internet users for travel and tourism, being chosen by 8.5%, Harris noted that its leading position was being challenged by Dutch portal, which had gained 1.3 points to a 7.7% share since the previous iteration of this research in spring 2013, and by US site (+1.6 points to 6.3%).

In the film category, was the runaway leader, gaining 64.7% of regular visitors to movie sites. A long way behind in second spot was with 3.4%, while third place was shared between and, both on 2.7%.

Clear leaders also emerged in most other categories considered, with a significant gap evident in health and fitness, where the leader, cooking site, had a 50.4% share, well ahead of the next two, on 7.1%, and on 6.6%.

In the outings and leisure category, kept the top spot with a 30.3% share, although this was 6 points down on 2012, followed by ticketing site on 6.0% and restaurant guide on 4.9%.

In TV, the site of listings magazine Tele-Loisirs had increased its share by eight points since spring 2012 to 27%. Then came (6.7%) and télé 7 jours (5.5%).

High-tech showed a similar pattern, with taking a 27.2% share, before on 8.6% and moving into third place on 7.2%. lead the way in clothing and footwear on 10.5%, but was being challenged by UK-based site, whose share had leapt almost four points to 7.5% displacing, now in third place on 7.2%.

The female category was led by on 24.3%, followed by on 11.5% and on 9.3%. This category had some crossover with 'people' where was the leading site (13.1%), just ahead of (12.0%) and (8.7%).

Data sourced from Harris Interactive; additional content by Warc staff