PARIS: A majority of internet users in France are opposed to receiving targeted advertising both on social networks and across the web as a whole.

Groupe ETO partnered with Market Audit to survey 694 French netizens about online ads, which are served to users based on their previous browsing habits.

Overall, 76.7% of the panel were concerned about the publication of their personal data on social networks, and 56.8% believed these sites could be "intrusive."

A further 77.6% of respondents stated they were not interested in being exposed to targeted advertising on their profile page.

Despite the fact many brand owners are seeking to drive word of mouth via platforms like Facebook and Twitter, 60% of contributors said they never recommended brands on these pages.

In contrast, around one third of the sample agreed they would be happy to view ads which were delivered following an analysis on their online purchase history.

Just over one in four participants said the same when it came to seeing brand communications which were linked to their past activity on the web.

Data sourced from Metro (France); additional content by Warc staff