PARIS: A majority of French consumers believe the recession could get worse before conditions improve, a new survey has found.

Ipsos, the research firm, asked 1,000 French adults to assess the current climate, and discovered 70% thought "the worst of the crisis is still to come."

This total fell to 56.6% among younger participants, but peaked at 76.5% for 45-59 year olds.

Elsewhere, 65% of senior managers expected further challenges would emerge, rising to 80% with reference to general employees.

Similarly, while 62.2% of university graduates suggested the outlook remained bleak, climbing to 82.7% of non-graduates.

Scores came in at 64.6% when household incomes stood at more than €3,000 ($4,047; £2,543) per month, measured against 83.3% where residences earned less than €1,200 in the same period.

Some 85% of respondents argued multinational organisations exerted the greatest influence on the global economic future, falling to 83% regarding financial markets and 68% concerning governments.

"It's more a confirmation than a surprise," said Brice Teinturier, deputy ceo, Ipsos France.

"There is perceived gap between the reality faced by the French on a daily basis, and the discourse of political and economic elites."

Data sourced from Le Monde; additional content by Warc staff