PARIS: Consumers in France owning smartphones and tablets typically have over 20 apps on these devices, just one indicator of rising competition in this market.

Surikate, the mobile services company, surveyed 4,599 people possessing one or several of Apple's iPod, iPad or iPod Touch, and found 99.1% had downloaded applications to these appliances.

Another 88.4% of the panel had 20 apps or more on their phone, while 47.4% boasted over 50, and 29.2% placed this figure at 80 or above. An extra 96% of the sample used at least three such tools each day.

Some 88.9% of respondents downloaded apps on a weekly basis, and roughly 28.3% did so daily. However, 88.4% had also previously deleted an app on the day they installed it.

When visiting this App Store, 58.1% of interviewees had a "clear" or "very clear" idea of what they were looking for, whereas 41.9% were "uncertain" or held a "vague" conception of their desired product.

Among the main ways consumers discovered these offerings was the the official chart showing which were the most popular apps on 96.7%. Recommendations from blogs and specialist sites posted 93.4% here.

Search registered 85.1% on the same metric, while more general word of mouth yielded 82.6%, and advertising banners recorded 70.8%.

Elsewhere, 78.1% of those polled visited the "Top 25" listing on the App Store at least once a week, and 21.9% did so between once and four times per month.

Games constituted the leading category, with a 70.3% download rate. This total hit 53.5% for services, 40.2% for entertainment and 24.2% for "productivity" tools. News and music both scored 23.3%.

A 57.1% majority of the audience who downloaded apps had used search facilities to find an app. Within this group, 79.8% had searched by name, and 44.3% in terms of function.

Price was cited as the primary influence on decisions by 86.6% of contributors, standing at 58.8% for the category, 54.4% for the logo, 51.8% for the name, and 50.7% for its rank in the download ratings.

Only 15.7% of participants had never paid for an app. A 55.4% share of interviewees spend a minimum of €2 a month on these products, and 19% invested more than €4.99 in the same period.

A further 46.7% of interviewees had made an in-app purchase, with 58% of this audience always paid below €2.99 on these acquisitions, but 15.4% had previously splashed out over €8.99.

Data sourced from Surikate; additional content by Warc staff